Short passes and a big result: Touchdown! Brady to Gronkowski.

As New England weeps, an old Patriots connection — Brady to Rob Gronkowski — gets the Bucs into the end zone. The 8-yard touchdown capped a masterly play-calling drive by Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, who negated Kansas City’s eager pass rush with screens, quick passes and play-action calls.

Brady has really found his rhythm now: A 16-yard pass to Antonio Brown, an inside screen to Cameron Brate, and another pass to Brown on the outside moved Tampa Bay right down the field. But with the end zone beckoning, he found his old friend.

And lest anyone forget, Brady’s last touchdown pass in a Super Bowl went to Gronk. In the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LII, a New England Patriots loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Brady found Gronk for a pass that briefly put the Patriots ahead.

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