Super Bowl: What We Learned

TAMPA, Fla. — It was a game billed as the GOAT going up against the Baby GOAT, but Tom Brady reminded Patrick Mahomes exactly why people consider him the greatest of all time. He led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 31-9 upset of the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl on Sunday and captured the seventh N.F.L. championship of his 21-year career.

Here’s what we learned:

  • You can give fans masks, but you can’t make them wear them. The N.F.L. gave KN95 masks to every fan in attendance, and required that a mask of some sort be worn at all times, except when eating or drinking. Despite having volunteers roaming around with signs reminding fans about the rule, the wearing of masks, and the social distancing, began to fade shortly after the game started. The crowd was sparse enough that it didn’t turn into a truly disturbing scene, but the message was fairly clear that if stadiums reopen, fans are going to act like fans.

As it does every season, the N.F.L. provided a list of records set and tied at this year’s Super Bowl.

  • Most Games: 10, Tom Brady

  • Most Games, Winning Team: 7, Tom Brady

  • Oldest Head Coach, Winning Team: 68, Bruce Arians

  • Oldest Player, Game: 43, Tom Brady

  • Most Pass Attempts, Career: 421, Tom Brady

  • Most Passes Completed, Career: 277, Tom Brady

  • Most Passing Yards, Career: 3039, Tom Brady

  • Most Touchdown Passes, Career: 21, Tom Brady

  • Most First Downs by Penalty, Team: 6, Tampa Bay

  • Most First Downs by Penalty, Both Teams: 9, Tampa Bay (6) vs. Kansas City (3)

  • Most Touchdowns, QB-Receiver Tandem, Career: 5, Tom Brady-Rob Gronkowski

  • Most Fumbles, Career: 5, Tom Brady

  • Most Fumbles Recovered, Career: 2, Patrick Mahomes

  • Fewest Touchdowns, Team: 0, Kansas City

  • Fewest Rushing Touchdowns, Team: 0, Kansas City

  • Fewest Passing Touchdowns, Team: 0, Kansas City

  • Fewest Punt Returns, Team: 0, Tampa Bay

  • Fewest Punt Return Yards, Both Teams: 0, Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City

  • Fewest Fumbles Lost, Both Teams: 0, Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City

  • Fewest Turnovers, Team: 0, Tampa Bay

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